BUFFALO, N.Y. — Erie County legislators approved a nearly $2 billion budget on Thursday.

When lawmakers voted 10-1, they approved something new. It's the Urban Initiative, which can also be used for roads, including some roads that are in the City of Buffalo.

Some lawmakers like it, others don't.

"We spent a million dollars sending money to the three cities of Erie County -- Buffalo, Lackawanna and Tonawanda -- funding their roads. We don't own any roads in those communities. Why are we spending a million dollars on the cities of Erie County?" Erie County legislator Ed Rath said.

Added April Baskin, chairperson: "There are cities where county residents reside that do not receive support when it comes to their roads, and that's because they live within city municipalities. They too are Erie County taxpayers, just like those that reside in areas where the county owns the roads, they deserve support with their roadwork as well."

The budget did fail to give the Erie County Sheriff's Department money for a full-time SWAT team.

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