BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A Buffalo Italian restaurant decided to step up local discussions over the best place to get meatballs in the city.

The restaurant, Osteria 166, asked challengers to take their discussions outside for a friendly "Meatball Street Brawl" competition Sunday on West Mohawk Street between Delaware and Franklin.

Despite some rain and overcast weather, the event drew an estimated 1,000 people in its first year, organizers say.

15 area restaurants competed in the event, which raised money for four local charities: Buffalo City Mission, Meals on Wheels, the Michael Donald Perry St. Francis Scholarship Fund, and St. Luke's Mission of Mercy

There were two competition categories: Best Traditional Meatball and Best Non-Traditional Meatballs.

The judge's choice for the Best Freestyle Meatball was Mid-Town Kitchen (MTK)'s Asian meatball.

The judge's choice for the Best Traditional Meatball went to Sinatra's Restaurant.

And Osteria 166 took the Best Overall Meatball by fans' choice.