The passage of New York's Green Light Law came with a lot of debate from both democrats and republicans. Now, Western New York U.S. Congressman Chris Collins is trying to fight it from the federal level.

"I came up with the idea of the 'Red Light Bill' that would signal to the states, if you're gonna give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, you're gonna forfeit your highway funding," Collins told 2 On Your Side.

New York would be at risk of losing $1.3 billion, but Governor Andrew Cuomo's office doesn't see Collins' proposal as a threat. 

A spokesperson told 2 On Your Side in a written statement:

"This is nothing more than political grandstanding from a Trump acolyte who's been indicted on felony charges and knows this bill has no chance of passing in Congress."  

Collins disagrees. He said Erie County is the perfect example that this is not a democrat vs. republican issue. 

"Our progressive county executive in Erie County has also spoken out against the Green Light Bill. He's about as far left as AOC or Mayor De Blasio," Collins said.

Democratic Congressman Brian Higgins is not in support of Collins' proposal.

2 On Your Side received a statement on behalf of his office in response:

“Congressman Higgins is fighting to deliver infrastructure funding to Western New York, authoring transportation legislation that funds needed improvements to local roads and bridges and puts Western New Yorkers to work. Taking that funding away from our community doesn’t make any sense.” 

Collins, though, does not see that happening. 

"The feds have flexed their muscles back in the day to reduce speed limits and it worked and they flexed their muscles again to lower the blood alcohol limit and it worked and in this case, if we get this passed, the governor is not going to forfeit $1.3 billion in highway funding," Collins said. "We would be able to get this reversed. I'm confident of that."