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Released from prison, after a clerical error landed a Buffalo man behind bars

LeTorrance Travis was sent back to prison over a paperwork error. He is now home.

BUFALO, N.Y. — LeTorrance Travis is finally home after being sent to prison due to a clerical error at a halfway house in Buffalo.

He spent nearly a decade in prison for serious drug charges. He was released to a halfway house in Buffalo called LightHouse Residential Reentry Center. It is operated by Community Resources for Justice.

Travis was at the Buffalo location on Glenwood Avenue from May of 2021 until November, when he was allowed to live with his family, but with restrictions. He wore a monitoring device that tracks his movement and detects locations.

He was given permission to attend a holiday party, but the staff at the halfway house failed to see all the documents that granted him permission to attend all of the locations.

As a result he was sent back to prison. 

Attorney Jeremy Schwartz appealed the decision but ran into loopholes.

In May, Travis was finally released from prison.

"His release date was moved up for various reasons. We never got a decision on our appeal from the Bureau of Prisons or the halfway house's decision to kick him out and essentially send him back to prison," Schwartz said.

He said this is a case where Travis should have never been sent back to prison.

"That's why we were vigorously appealing. I'm glad he is out now and that's the bottom line, the most important thing, he's at work and with his family where he should be."

Travis no longer has to report to the halfway house.

2 On Your Side is still awaiting answers on whether or not someone at the halfway house was reprimanded for this case.

Here is the statement from CRJ after the story aired.

“Community Resources for Justice, and our federally contracted residential reentry center in Buffalo, follow all policies and procedures established by the Federal Bureau of Prisons when program participants are found to be out compliance with accountability protocols. 

“In this instance, there was a deviation in the protocols, resulting in the individual’s removal from the community and placement in custody of the Bureau, which is standard operating procedure.

 “Any reference to a clerical error in this matter is inaccurate and erroneous.”

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