BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A developer wants to build affordable housing that focuses on health and wellness on a now empty lot on Broadway in Buffalo.

The proposal is for the site of the former Buffalo Forge Manufacturing Plant on the four-hundred block of Broadway. The plan is to build 185 mixed-income apartment units. The majority of those units will be priced for families earning 60-percent of the area's median income or lower. SA+A Development says that's any family earning less than $40,380 a year.

There would be a focus on healthy living, with exercise equipment and a play area outside.

"We're going to have a green roof that is on top of the parking residents will be able to access to get exercise in and participate in community gardening. We'll have music that will run through the stairways to sort of engage people to go up the stairs instead of taking the elevator," says developer David Alexander.

Thursday night, developers got feedback from the community and will make changes based on that feedback. Then, they'll go to the planning board. If approved, they will begin cleaning up the site.