BUFFALO, N.Y. — 2 On Your Side is learning more about a fight that happened outside of McKinley High School involving the school's principal.

A viewer sent 2 On Your Side a video of principal Mark Abraham pulling students off of each other.

Buffalo Police say the incident happened after school so the School Resource Officer was not on campus.

The teachers union has voiced concerns about violence at the school.

Buffalo Public Schools released a statement saying, "We commend Abraham for his quick judgment call and intervention."

"Our understanding is that the principal pulled an attacker away from a defenseless victim as the fight escalated.  We commend the principal for his quick judgment call and intervention that likely stopped what could have led to a much more serious situation since it is alleged that a knife or razor may have been involved.

It is further understood that the student who was harmed, as well as one of the attackers, are not currently enrolled McKinley students."

2 On Your Side has been continuing to follow up on incidents surrounding McKinley High School. You can see more of those stories below.


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