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Police: Stolen vehicle suspect armed with a stun gun arrested after police chase in University Heights

An early morning police chase happened on Englewood Street and Heath Road near UB South on Monday.
Credit: WGRZ

AMHERST, N.Y. — On Monday morning, around 7 a.m., a police chase led to the arrest of a stolen vehicle suspect who had allegedly attempted to evade police and threatened officers with a stun gun.

Amherst Police say the chase happened in the University Heights neighborhood. It started with police locating a stolen vehicle on Englewood. 

Police say they allegedly saw 43-year-old Justin Poulsen standing in the door of the vehicle and gave him instructions, which he failed to follow. 

This is when Poulsen attempted to flee and an officer took hold of him and got him to the ground, according to police. Poulsen allegedly tried to reach in his pockets, which prompted the officer to let go of him, as police say they had reports of Poulsen having handguns in the past. 

At this point, another police officer arrived on scene and police allege that Poulsen produced a stun gun and threatened the officers with it. Police say they chased Poulsen until he ran into an address on Heath Road. 

Then, a short while later, a woman exited the same address and talked with police, while Poulsen allegedly ran out and ran westbound. 

Police chased him and say they were able to take him into custody with use of a taser and several Buffalo and Amherst Police officers. 

Poulsen was taken to Amherst Police for processing. Police say that if you have information relating to this case, you can call 716-689-1311. 

Amherst Police added that residents are reminded to always lock your vehicle, and don't leave valuables or your keys in your car.

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