BUFFALO, N.Y. - The new developer of the One Seneca Tower in Buffalo is detailing his plans to turn the near vacant structure around.

Douglas Jemal with Washington, D.C. based Douglas Development made his presentation to a group of local real estate developers and city leaders.

We spoke to Jemal this past summer about his plans.

"We're going to make it more pedestrian friendly a more friendly look, not look like an enclosed morgue," he said.

He says he wants to put retail and office space, plus a hotel in One Seneca. Total costs are not known at this point.

And it's unclear what Jemal's plan is to remove asbestos inside. However, he did tell us he wants tenants to begin moving in sometime next year.

Western New Yorkers have seen this tower change names, change ownership and slowly deteriorate.

Jamel says he's for real.

"What peaked my interest was the people that give up because I don't give up," Jemal said.

But some of Jemal's past business practices raise concern. In 2006 he was acquitted on a charge that he bribed a city official in D.C. for favorable contracts. However, he was found guilty of wire fraud at that trial.

The Washington Post reports Jemal falsified a document to get a mortgage company to release $430,000 in loans to him. Jemal wants to assure people he is following the law.

"Everything is on the up and up I can tell you they're on the up and up with me," he said.

The Washington Post reports Jemal got probation and a fine for wire fraud.