BUFFALO, N.Y. — A video store has been converted into a cafeteria-style eatery on Hertel Avenue. PK Eats opened Friday after a year of renovations. 

Paul Tsouflidis and his partner Kevin Lin, wanted to created a place where patrons could eat clean and enjoy their meals. 

"It was always something true to my heart to give, to give people clean eating," Tsouflidis told Channel 2 News. 

Karys Belger

Tsouflidis owns Acropolis OPA and Newbury. With PK Eats he says he wanted to expand dining options in the city of Buffalo and offer a variety of options for people in one particular place. 

Sun Cuisine and Bar Vera are also in the space. Sun Cuisine serves Asian Cuisine with an emphasis on vegetarian options. Bar Vera serves craft cocktails with freshly squeezed juice. Tsouflidis says this gives his customers real control over what they are eating. 

"You're the chef and you can pick out what you want."

PK Eats Mural
Karys Belger

Another draw for the eatery is the mural on the far left wall. Tsouflidis plans to change the theme of the mural every month. For January the theme is women. The mural is filled with the faces of the newly-elected women of the 116th congress. 

"There's gonna be something different next month but this month we chose women."