BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A restaurant that offers a new level of dinning in Buffalo is set to open Wednesday.

Patina 250, a restaurant located inside the new Westin Buffalo hotel on the corner of Delaware Avenue and Chippewa, opened for a preview Monday.

Attendees admired the upscale decor of the restaurant, which is devoted to wood-fired cooking and complete with an adjoining bar and lounge.

"We're an American restaurant, seasonal quality driven restaurant, focused around a wood-fired grill," said Homer Ford, the restaurant's executive chef. "I mean, the wood-fired grill is going to set us apart from a lot of people."

Ford said the restaurant will serve many meat and vegetarian options with different takes.

He gave one of his favorite foods to prepare as an example: the Buffalo cauliflower, which will be a take on the Buffalo wing as a cauliflower tempura fried.

"I think that's the one that got me hired," Ford said. "I think what makes us special is, you know, our attention to detail. Exactly how deep we go into an ingredient. We search the best ingredients because good food makes good food."

Of course the restaurant will have many traditional favorites, such as burger and chicken dishes on the lunch menu.

And while the restaurant space has a high-end look with a lot of intricate artwork, Ford said he hopes to attract everyone with the food options the restaurant will offer.

"I try to make it so the food is super approachable, I don't want to scare anybody...I want everybody to be able to come," he said. "The feel may be high end, but it's quality over everything else."

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