BUFFALO, N.Y. — Panasonic held another hiring event Wednesday at the Convention Center downtown, as it continues to fill positions at the SolarCity factory in South Buffalo.

Panasonic is filling 300 jobs by the end of the year, with an additional 60 people expected to be hired at the start of 2018. The company is assisting Tesla's solar panel production by specifically creating the solar modules and cells.

Terry VanEpps, a talent acquisition manager for Panasonic, said the job figures are right on target.

"We've seen a lot of talent come through," VanEpps said. "Buffalonians have responded in a way beyond our imagination, and we're really happy about that."

Wednesday's event drew a few hundred people and was well-attended, just like previous Panasonic events in Buffalo. It was expected to be the company's final event in Western New York, although it will be following up with candidates over the next several weeks.