BUFFALO, N.Y. – A Buffalo woman wants her neighbors to be on the lookout for thieves stealing packages off porches in the Elmwood Village.

"I opened up the video, and I watched it, and I was shocked," Christina Perez said.

Perez says she hopes the thief in the video is embarrassed and ashamed of himself. He stole a package from her brother's side porch in the Elmwood Village Wednesday, not realizing he was on camera.

"He approaches the doorway, and he goes to ring a doorbell that is not even there. There is no doorbell where he went. So, he looks around, he even looks into the neighbor's window, and then he waits a few seconds, and you see him pick up the bag and put it into his shopping bag. And then he just walks away as if it never happened," she said.

The Buffalo Police say you can sign up for delivery alerts, so you know when your delivery is scheduled and when the package is delivered to prevent crime. Also, if you're not home when a package will be delivered, you can ask someone to hold it for you. You can also require a signature for deliveries. Or ship your package to work or use the ship to store option.

Also, if you see a package on your neighbor's doorstep, ask if they'd like you to get it for them.

There are also helpful options offered by the post office.

"All of our scans are live. So, as soon as you see something has been delivered with the tracking number, get it off the porch," Karen Mazurkiewicz with the United States Postal Service said.

If you create an online account with the post office, you have even more choices.

"You are allowed to put where you want your package left. You are actually able to put in delivery instructions for your carrier. So, maybe you're going to say put it inside the garage the door is open," she said.

Perez posted her brother's surveillance video on Twitter hoping someone might recognize the thief. She also offers her own advice.

"If you don't recognize someone that's in the area, take note of it and just see what's happening. It doesn't make you a nosy neighbor, it makes you a good neighbor, and I know from my own experience. I've concealed packages for them, if I've seen that it's out because I would hope that they would do the same thing for me," she said.

So what was in the package? Perez's brother didn't want to tell her, but it was her birthday present.