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Over a year later, still no arrest in a deadly hit-and-run of Buffalo motorcyclist

More than a year later, a hit-and-run that killed motorcyclist Abayomi Olomo, 44, remains unsolved.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Abayomi Olomo was riding his motorcycle on Genesee Street, on October 7, 2021, when he was fatally struck.

The driver of the vehicle that hit him never stopped. 

Surveillance pictures show a Mercedes Benz. Police said the vehicle's passenger side door was professionally removed. A couple of days later the vehicle was recovered by police. It was located less than a half mile away from the scene. The passenger side door had been professionally removed.

Buffalo Police commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said, "It's been an intense investigation."

The person the police want to speak with has a lawyer and the police can't speak with the individual.

"These fatal hit-and-run accidents can be difficult because you have to put a person behind the wheel in order to charge somebody," Gramaglia said.

The commissioner has this message for the person who caused the fatal accident. 

"Take a deep look at yourself and come forward and own up to whatever you did. Whatever the situation was, there is always an explanation, but there are also consequences that have to go along with it. Take a deep look in the mirror, talk to your attorney or if you know something else come forward and talk to us."

Accident investigations, according to the commissioner are complex and can take a lot of time. 

"We have seen success with them and we are going to continue to work until we get success with this case and bring some closure and whatever peace we can bring to the Olomo family," he said.

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