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Group helps educate public after New York State legalization of marijuana

Open Buffalo held a three-hour Know Your Rights cookout at MLK Park, where people could stop by and ask questions.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — New York State's legalization of marijuana is still fresh on the minds of many in Western New York. 

Possession up to three ounces is now legal, and previous low-level offenses can be expunged.

To help educate people on the changes, Open Buffalo held a Know Your Rights cookout where people could stop by and ask questions.

"Legalization, the work that we're doing, is not about smoking weed, right. It's about making sure we live in an equitable state where two people can get pulled over, and one is going to go to jail for possession and the other is going to get left off," according to Jillian Hanesworth, the director of leadership development for Open Buffalo.

When marijuana becomes legal to sell, a significant portion of the taxes collected will be reinvested in communities that were disproportionally impacted by marijuana policing.

Open Buffalo held the three-hour event at MLK Park, where they helped to address what's legal under the new law, how a clean slate could help people in their lives, and how taxes will impact people at different income levels.


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