WYOMING COUNTY, N.Y. -- As the inauguration gets closer, we are looking at the expectations Western New Yorkers have for Donald Trump as President. Some of the strongest support for the President-Elect in our state is found in rural Western New York.

"I have a lot of hope for Donald Trump. He says a lot of good things. Now it's just crossing your fingers and praying to God that he follows through and everything works out," says Sarah Delaney.

"I hope for some lower taxes. I hope for some better jobs in the area. I hope, you know, our kids will have something when they get out of school that they can actually go and get a job. They don't have to be hardworking guys with their hands like me," says Jeffrey Heater.

We met Sarah and Jeffrey in Arcade in Wyoming County on the Cattaraugus County line. They are both from Cattaraugus County, and they both voted for Donald Trump.

So did the overwhelming majority of voters in rural Western New York. In Orleans County, Trump won 67-percent of the vote. In Wyoming County, his support went up to 72-percent. In Allegany County, it reached 68-percent.

Trump won a higher percentage of the vote in these counties than anywhere else in the state.

In the town of Java in Wyoming County, Trump won 78-percent of the vote.

Political analyst Carl Calabrese is very familiar with Wyoming County. He spends a lot of time there at his cabin.

"It's a conservative county. Hardworking people and I'm not surprised it went overwhelmingly for Donald Trump," says Calabrese.

Calabrese says Trump supporters are going to hold the President-Elect to a pretty high standard when it comes to delivering on his campaign promises involving trade, the economy, and immigration.

"Those are big orders, and I think his voters are going to hold him to that and as people say in the modern political age, parties don't own voters anymore, they lease them. Voters are very quick to change their allegiance if they feel the person they voted for isn't delivering," says Calabrese.

The three counties mentioned above have about twice as many registered Republicans as registered Democrats.