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NYS sending 30 more dump trucks to Buffalo

170 pieces of equipment will be removing snow on Buffalo's streets on Wednesday.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Starting on Wednesday, 170 pieces of equipment will be on Buffalo's streets clearing the snow. The city is getting help from thirty additional dump trucks from the state.

That's on top of the trucks that are already out there.

Right now in South Buffalo, Lovejoy, and Kaisertown, the focus is on snow removal, not plowing. They want to make sure emergency vehicles have enough room to get through and help people.

In other parts of the city, the focus is on plowing.

"We're still pushing through some of those tight streets on the West Side that we're working through, the parking situation has been a little challenging, it always is, we know that. I think we've done a better job as a community, a department communicating that, the city communicating that, and I also say the residents, for the most part, have been really helpful on that front. It's really, I think, helped some of our progress this year. So there have been plows around and equipment around. Maybe not the moment that you need it or want it, this is a broad area, we're trying to sort of hit all of the areas simultaneously in a way, so it's a movement of resources. So we are around. Those plows are around and about," said Nate Marton, Buffalo DPW Commissioner.

Marton was asked about what's happening after the plows come through and if there's something being done about all the snow piled up at the curbs making it tough to see and get out.

"So our goal again is trying to get access through the streets. Get from a car to a curb. You know, as we hit those edges, we're certainly trying not to knock those off, but our highest priority is kind of that access, get the streets running again, so, you know, that's going to be part of a cleanup process that will be ongoing. If we can get them during this process, we certainly will, but if it's something we gotta come back on, we'll do that," said Nate Marton.

If your car was towed, call your police district to find out where it was taken. There is a chance it was mini-towed just to get it out of the way quickly and moved to another street in your neighborhood.

And a reminder that you need to bring your trash and recycling out on your normal day in Buffalo which includes Thanksgiving.


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