BUFFALO, N.Y. - Three months ago, Catholic Charities announced it was going to phase out its foster and adoption program. Many people were concerned about what would happen to the dozens of children and families within that program.

Wednesday, 2 On Your Side learned that the non-profit Child and Family Services is taking those cases.

"Effective this week all six of the Catholic Charities case planning staff and supervisor have transitioned over to Child and Family Services along with 24 kids in care" said, Child and Family Services Chief Operating Officer, Elizabeth McPartland.

Catholic Charities was under contract with the Erie County Department of Social Services to handle adoptions until March. However, that ended early.

As of November 2, 35 former Catholic Charities foster homes have been transitioned over to the non-profit.

McPartland says they wanted to ensure a seamless transition for the families without any disruptions.

"Well kids in foster care have already experienced disruption in their life. They are not living with their birth families, so we felt it was so important to ensure they have the ability to stay with their worker, to stay with their foster home."

Child and Family Services was looking to grow, according to McPartland. "We already knew at Child and Family Services that we wanted to grow our program and this was an opportunity to meet a community need."