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No More Tears hosts 10th annual awards dinner, remembers Buffalonians we lost

More than 500 people showed up, the most they've ever had.

DEPEW, N.Y. — No More Tears is an organization supporting people who have been through a tragedy, such as losing a loved one to homicide, suicide or even those struggling from domestic violence.  

The organization also honored those who fight to make Buffalo a better and more safe place to live at their annual awards dinner.

Some of the organizations awarded include the Buffalo Peacemakers, Ptop the Violence Foundation, Buffalo Fathers, and even some from out-of-state. 

No More Tears also made it a point to remember more than 50 people in Buffalo who have been killed, some of whom include those lost in the Christmas blizzard and the 10 Buffalonians killed in the Tops mass shooting on May 14. 

"We just want them to know we love them and we worked with them during that time so we build a relationship, so having them here tonight is really an honor for us," No More Tears founder Tina Sanders said. 

The families of those killed on 5/14 came to the dinner and Garnell Whitfield, who lost his mother Ruth Whitfield, was the guest speaker. 

"There's not too many national organizations that do this kind of work that are here after the lights and cameras are gone. That are seeing about people, making sure they're OK, staying in touch with them. It's a wonderful resource," Whitfield said. 

No More Tears gives supplies to families after tragedies, helps them with some funeral arrangements, or any other needs families may have.

Sanders started the organization more than 20 years ago, all because she met a woman in the grocery store who was a victim of domestic violence. 

This year more than 500 people showed up to their annual awards dinner, the most they've ever had.  

No More Tears helps families across the country. On May 13, they're hosting an event in Alabama to show families who have lost loved ones that they are not forgotten. 

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