EAST AURORA, NY-- The 18-year-old driver involved in a fatal pedestrian accident in East Aurora this past June will not face criminal charges.

Wendy Bus, 48, of Colden, was struck and killed while she was pushing a grocery cart in the parking lot of an East Aurora supermarket.

The driver, who police have not identified, will still face vehicle and traffic violations, including: unsafe backing, failure to exercise due care and unsafe start.

Local defense attorney Barry Covert told us why the driver likely did not face additional charges.

"They obviously didn't think that what he did rose to that level. They found that he violated some vehicle and traffic law provisions, but he apparently was not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, he did not do this intentionally, and they thought that it did not rise to the level of any of those felonies," says Covert.

We also asked Covert whether prosecutors could file additional charges.

"Until he either pleads guilty to one of the traffic infractions, or is found guilty of one of those, technically, they could come back and relay charges if they change their mind," said Covert.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by family and friends of Wendy Bus.