NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. -- While Western New Yorkers are still enjoying the warmth of summer, the City of Niagara Falls is looking for some fun new outdoor activities to offer to residents and visitors this winter — especially those that involve ice skating.

On Monday, the Niagara Falls Community Development Department released a news release requesting winter outdoor activity providers to come forward with ideas for three downtown lots. They would like each idea submitted via a Request for Proposal (RFP), which can be accessed here:

The lots are located at: First Street and Rainbow Boulevard, adjacent to the Niagara Falls Visitor Center; Third Street adjacent to the Niagara Falls Conference Center; and Third and Niagara streets adjacent to the Sheridan Hotel.

The department says it will give priority to ideas that involve ice skating.

“Ice skating in downtown Niagara Falls is a proud part of our community’s holiday tradition," said Seth Piccirillo, Niagara Falls Community Development Director in a released statement. "We look forward to creating a partnership that brings ice skating back here, creating family friendly fun for our locals, and a reason for visitors to check us out in the off season.”

The RFPs are due by September 15. Those whose ideas are selected will have to maintain and manage the event space according to a formal contract agreement.

"Especially with ice skating, and I think you see it at Canalside in Buffalo as families and people come in to ice skate, they are probably going to maybe have lunch, check out what's around them, so getting people to congregate around something like ice skating will have an economic impact. We've seen it in the past, and we've seen it in other places," said Piccirillo.

As part of your plan, you have to show how you're going to provide power and coolant to the ice rink. They are looking for companies that can operate the rinks for a couple of months.

For more information or questions, you can contact Piccirillo at (716) 286-8800 or