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Concealed carry signs to business by Niagara County Sheriff's Office

Part of the new legislation is that it is now illegal to conceal carry on any private property or business without the owner's consent.

NIAGARA COUNTY, N.Y. — In response to the states new gun safety legislation that went into effect last week, the Niagara County Sheriff's Office is now providing tools for businesses that still wish to allow their customers to conceal carry.

Part of this new legislation is that it's now illegal to conceal carry on any private property or business unless there’s a physical sign posted expressing the owner’s approval, so the sheriff's office is providing signs to business owners that say they allow for concealed carry. 

These signs will work for all business expect those like bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, movie theaters and entertainment venue, which would fall under the list of sensitive locations provided by the state where concealed carry is illegal regardless of the owner’s wishes. 

“It's important that those signs get out and get in the community to send a message that we're promoting concealed in this county,” said Niagara County Sheriff Michael Filicetti. 

Despite Gov. Kathy Hochul continuously expressing how important she feels this legislation is and that those who don't follow the new law could face a felony, the sheriff says the state has this one backwards and that all complaints will be going to the bottom of his pile.

“We will take a complaint, but the complaint will come to my desk, and nothing will happen with it until I do an approval on it,” said Filicetti. 

“We are far busier handling our caseload and our criminal or real criminal activity already.”  

The sheriff said the biggest issue is that business owners are now being put in an unfair position by having to take a stance on these issues and that criminals in his opinion won’t follow the posted signs anyways. 

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