Two On Your Side is finally hearing from the Niagara Falls Water Board in an interview about the ongoing repair work being done on a major water main break in the city.

Residents have said for about a month, that they've had little to no water pressure.

Charlie Harris is one of many residents in Niagara Falls still with low water pressure.

"Even fill up a bathtub, washing clothes has become a hassel," he said.

We've received reports of low water pressure across the city along Pine Ave. and Hyde Park Boulevard. To restore water pressure, a water main at 47th Street and Niagara Falls Boulevard needs to be fixed. The water board hired an outside contractor to do the job -- work got underway Thursday.

REPORTER: What's the status of that particular project?

"On 47th Street we've had some good movement," said Bob Drury, operations superintendent for the water board.

He says a valve has been fixed, but a second one still needs to be repaired. The water board says the contractor is still waiting for what's called -- an interconnect box.

REPORTER: I thought all along they were waiting on parts?

"They're still waiting for that interconnect that had to be manufactured from scratch which is a huge item," Drury said.

REPORTER: Whenever that part does arrive how long would it take for it to be installed everything to be cleared up there, and water pressure to be restored to the city?

"One business day I've been told," Drury said.

In our interview with the water board, tensions increased when 2 On Your Side asked about the board's transparency.

REPORTER: We've made numerous requests to get an update throughout the week on the situation there and this is really the first interview that we have done.

"I'll take exception to that because we did communicate through our public media firm," Drury said.

REPORTER: But if there was an update to give us through a statement how come we couldn't get an update through an interview?

"There was no update to give through the statement, the statement was given through the public relations firm and we did it through that," Drury said.

REPORTER: But it's a matter of transparency, it's not just about us it's also about the residents, the residents have the questions.

"And we've answered them all," Drury said, and shortly thereafter, got up and walked out of our interview.

So, there are still some questions about when the work will finally get done, we'll make sure to stay on top of it.