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News 2 You: A walk back in time through the history of Buffalo and beyond for this week 10, 20 and 30 years ago

A wave of re-development, Twin Bridge or Signature Span? And, when kegling was king at Voelkers. We look back to when all that and more was New 2 You.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — This Week In 2012

10 Years ago this week, when the home of the Buffalo Bills was still called Ralph Wilson Stadium, a lot of folks still used a BlackBerry, the once popular communication devices which were finally discontinued earlier this year.

Just weeks after FWS, the closeout furniture retailer whose catchy slogan "dress up your home for less" announced it would be closing after 50 years in business, developer Rocco Termini announced plans to buy and renovate the landmark warehouse store and surrounding complex at 1738 Elmwood Ave.

In less than two years he had the project completed, creating the Foundry Lofts and Foundry Suites Hotel, along with offices and banquet facilities.

The same week Termini announced his historic renovation project, Savarino Companies announced plans to purchase and renovate a former paper box factory in Buffalo's Hydraulics District. Today it's known as 500 Seneca, and features a mix of offices, loft apartments, several businesses, and a multi-story atrium and courtyard.

It was also the week the Pegula's unveiled the interior design plans for their yet to be constructed Lecom Harborcenter, which would rise from the Webster Block, which at the time was a surface parking lot downtown.

This Week in 2002

20 years ago this week, when a gallon of regular unleaded gas was $1.59, nightly newscasts of the post 9/11 world were peppered with almost daily videos from Osama Bin Laden, which were almost as ubiquitous as the daily color-coded reminder of the nation's current terror alert level.

According to its website, the Department of Homeland Security discontinued color-coded alerts of the Homeland Security Advisory System in 2011, replacing it with the National Terrorism Advisory System.

In Buffalo, there was something new for those with those with disabilities to get used to when it came to parking their cars, which met with mixed reaction from the handicapped community. (Watch the video with this story to find out what it was.)

By this time, The Osbourne's had become the most viewed series in the history of MTV, Buffalo's Outer Harbor was still pretty much barren, and the big debate in conversations of the day often surrounded the Peace Bride, and whether an additional "twin bridge" should be built, or whether it should be replaced entirely with a "signature span."

Despite the passage of two decades, the answer to that question remains as elusive today as it was this week in 2002.

This Week in 1992

30 Years Ago This Week, if you're old enough to remember "big hair" and when the lanes were crowded with keglers every night at Voelkers, you might also recall how crowded gyms were becoming locally, as there was an upswing in memberships reflecting a trend toward more physical fitness.

And, for those not into public workouts, there were a number of workout videos on VHS tapes for home VCRs.

Many were produced by celebrities and one of the most popular this week in 1992 was by Cher. Copies of CherFitness Body Confidence can still be found at garage sales.

If only we could "Turn Back Time."

But we do, every week, as we remember what was once News 2 You.

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