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News 2 You: Benghazi, the Sears Catalogue demise, and catching up with Wes Goforth

These stories and more mark our weekly walk back through time in Buffalo and beyond, when it was all News 2 You.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — 10 Years Ago This Week

Long before anyone was concerned about her emails, soon-to-be former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared before a congressional committee where she was being grilled about the slaughter of U.S. diplomats in Benghazi, and whether her state department failed to respond to their previously expressed concerns about their safety.

It was when fielding questions, that she uttered her memorable line, "what difference at this point does it make?" regarding what led up to the attack.

Back in Buffalo, it was announced that after decades of nothing more than fits and starts and hopes and dreams, the long-abandoned Richardson complex would finally be redeveloped. The U.S. military announced plans to lift its ban on women in combat, the price of a stamp rose to 46 cents, and amid her rising popularity, a Phoenix baker created a life-size cake of Lady Gaga this week in 2013.

20 Years Ago This Week 

Even though it had been over two decades since he donned it last, it turned out that Greg Brady still fit the suit! 

At least that's how it appeared when actor Barry Williams (who played the role of eldest son Greg on The Brady Bunch) appeared on a network talk show, where he once again donned the famous and "groovy" threads. 

This brings us to this week's News 2 You pop quiz: What was the stage name record producers proposed to give to Greg Brady, when they chose him to be America's next teen idol, during a memorable episode of the Brady Bunch, merely because "he fit the suit". (Find out the answer by watching the video attached to this story above.)

President Joe Biden was serving as a U.S. Senator from Delaware, Most Rev. Henry Mansell was the Catholic Bishop of Buffalo, and civic leaders began talking more about returning cars to Main Street downtown, nearly 20 years after they disappeared with the opening of Metro Rail.

30 Years Ago This Week

Bills fans were making plans to head to Pasadena to see the Bills in their third straight Super Bowl. The price of a ticket for Super Bowl 27 was $175. (Three decades later, fans can expect to pay more than $5,000 per ticket to Super Bowl 57 being held in Arizona.

After more than 100 years of publication, Sears announced it would longer print its annual catalog, the pages of which were browsed by generations, and which served another important function in the days before indoor plumbing.

Long before every child had their own laptop or tablet, either supplied by their parents or their school, students mostly learned about emerging technology at their school's computer lab, and the Buffalo airport still had two terminals (east and West) this week in 1993, when it all News 2 You.

News 2 You Extra: Catching up with Wes Goforth

This week's edition of News 2 You featured a brief appearance by former Channel 2 news and sportscaster Wes Goforth, who worked in Buffalo during the '80s and '90s.

Below is an interview with Wes about his lasting connection to Buffalo, and how he's keeping busy these days while retired in the Carolinas.

You can also see past episodes of News 2 You by following the links below.

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