NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO – After three years of planning and development, a new adventure for thrill seekers will open to the public on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls on Friday.

Wildplay's MistRider ZipLine to the Falls will afford adventures a 2,200 foot zip line ride from the top of the Niagara Gorge near the Hornblower boat tours gate, to the base of the gorge near the Horseshoe falls.

The one minute rides start at $49.99 Canadian and riders must be at least age 7, and weigh between 65 and 300 lbs.

“I’ve done it four times and it’s fantastic,” said Lindsay DiCosimo, Marketing and Communications manager for WildPlay Niagara Falls.

Such outdoor recreational opportunities as a means to enhance the experience of tourists on the U.S. side have been proposed as well.

In fact, in October 2013, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that $40 million in Buffalo Billion funds would be set aside to entice developers to create signature attractions in the Niagara Falls, NY area.

According to a request for proposals sent out by the state in early 2014, the desired area for the development of zip lines, rock climbing, horseback riding, and other such attractions would be in the Niagara Gorge area and the state parks abutting it.

However, nearly three years later, nothing has materialized.

In the meantime, the Canadians keep zipping along.

Downriver from their new zip line attraction, WildPlay is also opening a free standing aerial; obstacle course in the vicinity of the long established Spanish Aero Car, which ferries tourists above the whirlpool on a suspended cable car.