BUFFALO, N.Y. — A new study is raising questions about the safety of using sunscreen.

The FDA had 24 volunteers try out chemical sunscreens, which absorb U-V rays-as opposed to zinc oxide ones that reflect them. It found that all of them had chemicals that were absorbed into people's blood within a day of use.

2 On Your Side talked with dermatologist Dr. Elise DeLuke from Catholic Medical Partners about what people should take away from this. She and the FDA both say, despite these findings, it's important to keep wearing sunscreen.

"At this point, the benefits absolutely outweigh the risks to the best of our knowledge and what we know with our data," said Dr. DeLuke. So it's something that I would not stop using at this point. If you are concerned about the research, then switching to something that's more zinc-based would be a reasonable way to go about it.The research didn't implicate any health risks of this, so more research will need to be done in the future to determine if that is actually a risky situation."

The FDA is asking sunscreen companies to study their own products to see if those chemicals could be a health risk for people.