BUFFALO, N.Y. - The residential renaissance continues in parts of Buffalo once known more for industrial buildings.

You can now add to the renovation list the old A & P warehouse, which is in Larkinville to the west of the Larkin at Exchange Building.

It's somewhat faded in the bricks but you can still make out the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company sign.

The eight story 248,000 square foot warehouse built in 1917 once provided frozen storage for food and produce for the old grocery market chain. That was until another refrigeration equipment contractor moved in.

Now with a new owner, they have a fresh approach for the building.

A residential renovation is planned for the structure with 147 one and two bedroom loft apartments.

It is located at Swan and Hamburg Streets, which puts it in the right place with the pitch of some affordable rate apartments for the younger workforce.

Architect Steven Carmina of the Carmina Wood Morris firm says, "It's really meant for easy access, pedestrian access to Larkinville, and also to the city, you're a stone's through from the medical campus. If you're working at Larkinville or the medical campus or in the city and you make $30,000 you could afford to live here."

The building is slated to include a fitness center, ample bike storage space and two floors of vehicle parking.

Carmina says there is a unique central feature for its residents, "We have a light well that's about 3,700 square feet per floor that drops through the center of the building. Which allows us to turn units into the interior...give them a lot of natural light..a lot of natural ventilation."

You can also expect some light retail in the building. Like a small green market and coffee shop.

It's all backed with a historic preservation tax credits and a $26 Million dollar investment by the Indianapolis based KCG Development firm.

Carmina says, "These guys truly believe in Buffalo, they believe in this investment."

They hope to finish up with the planning board and start renovation work in August.

They project a Fall 2017 opening date for this A&P Lofts apartment building.