BUFFALO, N.Y.-- During food truck Tuesday, another permanent eatery just moved into Larkinville.

The new Swan Street Diner is a fully restored 1930's classic diner; a precursor to the modern day food truck.
The restaurant was formerly known as the Newark Diner near Rochester. The Larkin Development Group had it taken to Cleveland for restoration before its arrival in Larkinville Tuesday.

"All of the enamel panels have been remade, the wood has been finished. It's top to bottom, just a beautiful renovation, but we have the original counter which is an unusual counter that it has some glass top where they might have put the, I call it the pie counter, might have put the pies there before," said Leslie Zemsky of the Larkin Development Group.

The Operator and General Manager of Swan Street Diner, Amanda Amico, runs Amy's Food Truck right now.

As to the diner's menu, Amico said, "We're going to provide from-scratch food. Good breakfast, you know, eggs, home fries, toast, traditional stuff with homemade pancakes, there will be specials, biscuits and gravy, and then we'll have lunch items."

A kitchen addition and restrooms still have to be added. The diner is expected to open in the beginning of September. It will be open seven days a week from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m.