NEW YORK — United Auto Workers who are currently on strike will see a few changes starting Sunday. The United Auto Workers International Executive Board voted to increase strike pay and to allow workers on strike to take on part-time jobs.

Strike pay will be increased from $250 per week to $275 per week for all UAW members on strike. Also, General Motors and Aramark workers who are on strike can take on part-time jobs without affecting their strike pay. 

In the past strike pay was void if part-time work exceeded the $250 strike pay. Now, anyone who chooses to take on a part-time job will not have their strike pay reduced as long as they continue to perform their picket duty. 

“UAW members and their families are sacrificing for all of us,” said Gary Jones, President of the UAW. “We are all standing together for our future. This action reflects the UAW commitment and solidarity to all of our members and their families who are taking a courageous stand together to protect our middle-class way of life.”

These changes promptly go into effect Sunday, October 13.

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