ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. - The Bills home opener is this Sunday and tens of thousands of people are expected to head to Orchard Park for the big game.

If you're planning on using Uber to get you to and from New Era Field, know that there is a new designated Uber pick up zone.

You can't just schedule your Uber driver to pick you up anywhere outside the stadium.

For safety reasons, and to avoid traffic, Uber drivers are picking up passengers in a designated zone.

This year, it's Parking Lot A on Erie Community College's South Campus.

It is about twice the walking distance from New Era Field as the pick-up location last year, at the corner of Big Tree and Abbott Road.

But Bills VP of Operations & Guest Experience, Andy Major, tells 2 On Your Side they needed to make the change, not just for safety reasons, but also to avoid congestion near the stadium and get fans out faster.

"We've already had 4 events," said Major. "Two preseason games, a concert, and a practice. And the Uber location seems to work really well. Fans have seen, so far, that there's a lot of drivers and a lot of the drivers were able to make return trips. So, we've seen drivers come two or three times and make three trips to help a lot of fans out."

To get to the new Uber pick up zone you need to walk through the center of ECC. Parking Lot A is the westernmost parking lot on campus.

"The decision to move was a collaborative decision," explains Major. "It was Uber. It was the sheriff. It was the fans. It was the Uber drivers. It was really a good partnership on where to put the best location."

The Bills website recommends that you schedule your pick up as you're leaving New Era Field. The driver will let you when they get to the pick-up zone and in what row they will be parked.