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New assignments given to priests within the Diocese of Buffalo

There's a major step in the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo's "Road to Renewal" plan. Church leaders announced the biggest reorganization in the diocese's history.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — There's a major step in the Diocese of Buffalo's "Road to Renewal" plan. 

Church leaders announced the biggest reorganization in the history of the diocese. 

Priests, 47 to be exact, have gotten new assignments, grouping parishes together. They call them families, and the new plan groups two to six parishes into one family. 

"It's our second round essentially of those assignments that have happened, but it's the largest one," says Father Bryan Zieleneiski. He also adds, "We have to do things differently. So this collaborative model means we have to work together. Back in the day, Parishes competed with one another. They wanted the best holy name society. They wanted the best catholic school. Well, now we've realized we're on the same team."

Zieleneiski is the diocese's Vicar. He's responsible for renewal and redevelopment within the Diocese of Buffalo. He feels there's strength in numbers as the diocese moves forward. 

It filed for bankruptcy in 2020 after settling clergy abuse claims and has been dealing with declining attendance at parish schools and mass. The road to renewal allows the diocese to use its resources effectively. 

"You have some people that are concerned obviously, because they're saying we have to look at mass attendance and how do we best use our resources? At the same time, they have to see that it's a new day, and there's a lot of people that see hope in this," says Father Zieleneiski. 

The new assignments are here.



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