BUFFALO, N.Y. — Where do I park? What's going on with the Skyway? Those are the two big questions people are asking about the new Explore & More Children's Museum on the waterfront.

Drive on the Skyway, or look up when you're at Canalside, and you see it's oh-so-close to the new Explore and More Children's Museum. And, there's also construction.

"There's a lot going on there. Does that worry you at all?" asked 2 On Your Side’s Kelly Dudzik.

"Two things I get all the time and it is after I do a presentation, it's people will call me after because they're driving across the Skyway when they couldn't say, and leave me a voicemail, I just want to let you know you're really close to the Skyway. And I love it because I'm so used to that," says Michelle Urbanczyk, Explore & More CEO. "The closest point is 15 feet. We know it."

Explore & More CEO Michelle Urbanczyk says she works closely with the New York State DOT and the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation to monitor the Skyway.

"We meet on a regular basis, and we talk about what's happening, when are families coming through. It is a beast right in the middle of our Canalside. So, one of the things I keep saying is how excited I am to see what next year brings and all those people who are going to be putting in what should we do with this," says Urbanczyk. "But, I’ve got to tell you, I'm so used to just is being there, that I just think it's part of our fabric. Does it concern me? Not as much anymore because we had a whole year to watch how snow's coming off and when."

The other thing Urbanczyk hears about the most is parking. She suggests seeing what events are happening at Canalside that day, and she says don't be scared by them.

"There's so many lots here that on our website we have where should you park," says Urbanczyk. "It's normally about three to five dollars to park, which everyone has said that's really reasonable, and my partners in the community have said okay, that's a really good price because anywhere you really go downtown, even some of the other culturals, you're going to pay to park."

Urbanczyk also wants to make sure there's enough handicapped parking and that people know there are some handicapped spots out front.