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National Fuel customers in Southtowns report foul smell

National Fuel said "odorant pumps from a nearby natural gas facility were pumping elevated levels of the required mercaptan," causing the foul odor.

HAMBURG, N.Y. — Some people in the Southtowns woke up Saturday to the smell of rotten eggs.

In Hamburg, Orchard Park, Evans and Derby, National Fuel customers picked up the phone to report a foul scent.

Gas service was still an issue for some customers on Sunday night.

"As of now, there are approximately 50 customers/residences without natural gas service as we continue to attempt to get access to these homes," National Fuel said in a statement issued around 10 p.m.

"Customers who are waiting for gas service turn-one should contact National Fuel as we must have access to their homes to complete the relighting. We can be reached at 1.800.444.3130."

The problem began early Saturday, when by 9 a.m. it was "discovered that odorant pumps from a nearby natural gas facility were pumping elevated levels of the required mercaptan (the rotten eggs smell added to odorless natural gas for easy detection) into the gas system, and it has been adjusted," National Fuel said in a statement.

National Fuel said it would take some time for the odor to dissipate, and in the meantime, "gas service has been and will continue to be turned off to ensure that there are no immediate issues."

There is not an estimated time for the completion of all work. National Fuel did provide an update at 8:30 a.m. Sunday:

National Fuel has additional crews in the Southtowns neighborhoods (Hamburg, Orchard Park, Evans, Derby) impacted by yesterday’s odorant issues to complete all gas service turn-ons. Field service representatives are knocking on doors, as we do need home access to safety relight the gas service. Customers without gas service, as a result of yesterday’s issue, can also contact National Fuel at 1-800-444-3130 and a representative will be sent out as soon as possible. We appreciate the inconvenience this has caused and thank our customers for their continued patience.

If you have noticed a rotten eggs smell around your home or business, you can contact National Fuel at 1-800-444-3130 to file a report.

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