BUFFALO, N.Y. — "I don't trust the police."

The woman would not give her name and would not let 2 On-Your-Side photograph her face. She says she grew up in the neighborhood where Raphael Rivera was shot and killed by a city police officer earl;y Wednesday morning. She says she wants to hide her identity because she fears putting her children at risk.

"I have two teenaged kids and I don’t want to receive the same bad news."

Today new information surfaced in the investigation on how a complaint about a man possibly with a gun turn into a foot chase and ultimately a deadly encounter with shots fired and a man left dead.

Police officials have said Rivera was carrying a firearm and refused commands to drop it. 2 On-Your-Side has learned the weapon recovered at the scene is a Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun, described as "fully loaded".

2 On-Your-Side has also learned from a police source that investigators from the police department's internal affairs and homicide bureaus are looking at multiple videos which capture different moments leading up to the shooting. Some show a few seconds of a foot chase, but one video supposedly shows the deadly encounter between Rivera and Officer Elmur Karadzhayev.

Karadzhayev has been placed on restricted duty pending the outcome of the investigation.

Also, the Rivera family has hired attorney Steve Cohen of Amherst. Cohen says the complaints fom the family include not being able to see Rivera's body.

"I tried to go into the medical examiners office today and they would not allow me to view the body. I

wanna see if the entrance wounds were in the back or not,” says Cohen.