As the debate over the "Green Light" bill continues, Governor Andrew Cuomo said he doesn't think that the bill that would let illegal immigrants get driver's licenses will pass the state Senate.

The governor's words come one day after the state's Democratic party chair came out against the bill because he's concerned it will lose the Democratic majority in the Senate in the next election.

Local Republican Senator Chris Jacobs joined police chiefs in Buffalo on Friday to call for lawmakers to vote against it.

"Elements of the law will block a longstanding relationship auto bureaus and DMVs have had with law enforcement, providing law enforcement with critical and timely information that they need to carry out their jobs of law enforcement in order to keep citizens safe and also to keep law enforcement safe," said Jacobs.

2 On Your Side aimed to talk to Democratic Assemblywoman Crystal People-Stokes about this, but she did not attend a scheduled event today.

The Assembly is expected to pass the "Green Light" bill in a vote next Tuesday.

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