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McKinley High students not happy with images of bad behavior

The message? 'We must do better,' but don't say all students at the school are bad.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — McKinley High School students are not happy with images broadcast of bad student behavior in the neighborhood before and after school.

Some reached out to 2 On Your Side's Claudine Ewing to speak and their message was simply "we must do better" but don't say all students at the school are bad.

Emmanuel Wright, a senior, said, "McKinley is way more than just ghetto children, heathens. We are a prideful school."

Neighbors living near the school in North Buffalo took pictures and videos of students involved in bad behavior before and after-school.

Malachi Williams said he was "offended" because it is embarrassing.

The attention started after a freshman was arrested in the school for assaulting a teacher.

Kysean Levy, a senior, said, "We need to do better, even though it isn't all McKinley students. The few that were caught on video, and the few that actually go on neighbors property and disrespect our neighbors."

2 On Your Side has made repeated attempts to speak with the current temporary principal Marck Abraham, but he has yet to respond.

"He gets on announcements every day and warns us do not go down there don't be on lawn he will suspend," said Williams.

Levy said the principal has been vocal. "Every morning he gets on the announcements and says good morning McKinley, best school in the land and he tells us when the neighbor incident occurred that neighbors were coming to him telling him specifically that kids were on their property doing other things and he told us people caught will be dealt with."

"We do apologize for everything we do do. We are going to try to build better relationships with you guys (the neighbors) it's unfortunate to hear that certain things did happen in front of you guys home, cause I know  if it was in front of my house I would feel the same type of way. I genuinely apologize on behalf of everybody in the building," said Williams.

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