BUFFALO, NY - There are more developments involving that home invasion at the home of star Bills running back LeSean McCoy this week. McCoy was not at his residence near Atlanta when the incident occurred early Tuesday morning.

After the incident, in which McCoy’s ex-girlfriend was viciously attacked and hospitalized, a friend of hers took to social media to claim McCoy was behind it.

McCoy has staunchly denied that allegation, but has now retained legal counsel.

The Police Report

Police in Milton, Georgia released the official police report on the incident late Wednesday afternoon.

However, the names of the victims have been redacted, and any statements they may have given to police are not included. The report, in fact, does not appear to shed any new light on what occurred.

Attorney for Victim Issues Lengthy Statement.

An attorney for Delicia Cordon, who was living at the house, even though the couple was estranged, released a lengthy statement, which does not accuse McCoy of being the assailant.

However, it is chock full of inferences suggesting that he may have been behind the attack.

It notes the assailant got into the house with no signs of forced entry, and that once inside, demanded items of jewelry that McCoy had asked Cordon several times to return, and that he once suggested she could be robbed because the jewelry was expensive.

“I think it's a statement put out by her attorney to protect her client, and to steer the police a little bit in their investigation,” said Buffalo based defense attorney Frank LoTempio III after reading it. “It certainly seems to be inferring that LeSean McCoy had a hand in this."

But LoTempio stressed that the statement isn’t proof of anything, and that it is important to let the investigation play out.

Shady Lawyers Up

Meanwhile, McCoy has retained the services of a high-powered Atlanta law firm, which specializes in criminal defense.

The firm of Garland, Samuel & Loeb also has experience representing NFL players, noting on its website its prior defense of Ray Lewis, Jamal Lewis, and Ben Roethlisberger.

“He (McCoy) was smart in getting an attorney because they're going to represent him and they're going to handle this the right way,” LoTempio said.