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Snow is on the way for WNY as first winter storm watch is issued, how the area is preparing

City's snow plan contains some new items on the eve of a snow event that could bring several inches of lake effect

BUFFALO, N.Y. — As the first major snowfall of the season approaches Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown believes the city's latest snow fighting plan will be up to the task, as long as residents cooperate.

Despite  labor shortages in many sectors, Brown says the city has no shortage of snow plow operators coming into the season.

As we've reported previously, new this year is an app which you can use to see which streets have been plowed, although it will not tell you when a street might get plowed if it hasn't been.

Returning this year, will be the city's 24 hour guarantee that all streets will be plowed at least once following an average snow event.

However, it snows more than 8 inches in a 24 hour period, the guarantee is void.

The city's has budgeted $260,000 to bring in outside contractors to help clear snow if needed under the plan.

"But all of this is based on partnering with our residents, and residents have to follow the alternate parking rule regulations and move their vehicles," said Brown.

During the pandemic the city had gone away from towing and ticketing illegally parked vehicles during snow events.

But according to Brown, some residents were taking advantage.

"We asked people to move their vehicles and obey parking regulations and, in large numbers and in a lot off different areas, people did not respond," said Brown.

This, according to the Mayor, led to a chorus of residents complaining that their streets were not being plowed because of certain of their neighbors not moving their vehicles.

To that end, the city has established lots where one can park their car if they are worried about being unable to move it, and there are at least one of those in every common council district.

Effective at 1:30 AM on Tuesday November 15, winter parking regulations take effect on bus routes throughout the city, which means there is no overnight parking on any of those until April 1, 2023.

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