BUFFALO, N.Y. – An elderly man accused of beating his wife with a hammer was released from jail Wednesday on $10,000 bail.

Martin Turkiewicz, 88, appeared in court Wednesday morning, three days after police say he attacked his wife while she was getting rehab treatment at the Garden Gate Health Facility.

Prosecutors wanted him to remain in jail, but the judge felt Turkiewicz is not a flight risk.

His daughter spoke in support of him at the court appearance, saying Turkiewicz has been his wife’s sole caregiver since she lost her eyesight and started having serious health concerns.

“He was there to feed her...give her medicine, dress her assist her. Mom always came first, even before his own medical issues,” she said. “Years of stress, of an already weak 88-year-old man have taken its toll on him. What my father is accused of is not the man he was.”

As a condition of his bail, his daughter must remain with him.

Additionally, Turkiewicz cannot have any contact with his wife, Rita, who is recovering from her injuries. He is charged with attempted murder and assault, and he faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted.