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Love at first fright

Dan and Ashley fell in love while working at Haunted Catacombs 15 years ago.

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. — Many people’s favorite part about this time of year is all the scary decorations that pop up around the area. There’s an outstanding Halloween display on White Road in Cheektowaga, but there’s an even better story behind it. 

Dan and Ashley met 15 years ago when they worked at Haunted Catacombs. It was love at first fright. The couple said the holiday, typically known for fun costumes and candy, represents love to them. 

“It does, and it’s the one time of year we really look forward to. This year despite everything going on we are still going,” Dan said. 

The attraction is spooky, no doubt. But the gore we’re used to seeing at haunted houses is gone, replaced by a more family-friendly vibe. The couple said they take a lot of inspiration to a place that’s very close to their hearts. 

“I take a lot of inspiration from Disney’s Haunted Mansion. That for us is our happy place,” Dan said. “That is where I proposed. So that is where I take inspiration when I try to build things and I try to make things friendly but also scary.”

White Road in Cheektowaga off Cleveland Drive is where you will find it, you can’t miss the house. By the way, if you have a haunted Halloween display please email Kevin O’Neill at Kevin@wgrz.com. Your haunted abode could be featured on Daybreak next week.