BUFFALO, N.Y. — A West Falls woman received a gift from the Buffalo Police Department Friday.

Sue Scott wanted to participate in the Ride for Roswell, but she hadn't ridden one in eight years.  She also didn't have a proper bike to do the ride. 

When they heard about this, the men and women of the Buffalo Police Department stepped in to help. 

Sue was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2017 when she became a patient at Roswell. When she received the bike on Friday, Sue expressed how happy she was to get the chance to participate and give back to the cancer center that had helped her. 

"I thank the Buffalo Police Department and the Mayor for this bike and for allowing me the opportunity to ride and support everything Roswell does for our community!"

Sue plans to ride the three-mile family course at the Ride for Roswell on Saturday, June 22nd.