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Local author wants to give back to Hospice

Latrice Gleen found comfort in the care Hospice provided her father and now she wants others to know about Hospice and donate what you can.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Two years ago, Latrice Gleen's father died. Where he died impressed her so much that she wants to continue to give to Hospice Buffalo.

Due to the pandemic, the traditional Hospice Walk didn't take place this year. However, last year she raised hundreds of dollars for the not-for-profit.

"It was the care my dad received and the care our family received," she said that impressed her most.

For the month of December, Gleen, who is a local author, is raising funds to donate to hospice.

"It's dear to my heart because they assisted my father in his transition and my father was very stubborn," she said. "It was a lot to let someone care for him and take care of him. His last day living he said 'oh I feel like royalty, I'm  getting the royal treatment' and that is all I needed to hear."

For $10 you can get a plush Hospice Buffalo or an angel ornament for $5.

Here is a link to give directly to Hospice 

Click here for more information

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