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Law enforcement officials believe missing Buffalo State student Saniyya Dennis took her own life

Law enforcement officials say it appears missing Buffalo State student Saniyya Dennis took her own life based on a timeline of her last 24 hours.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Law enforcement officials provided more details on the disappearance of a missing woman, Saniyya Dennis.

Dennis, a 19-year-old Buffalo State College student, was last seen leaving her residence hall on Saturday, April 24.

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn, along with Buffalo State Police and New York State Park Police, provided a timeline of what happened just prior to Dennis' disappearance. 

Flynn said Dennis had an argument April 24, with her boyfriend, who lives in New York City.  Flynn said as a result of the argument, the boyfriend ended the relationship. 

According to Dennis' phone records, Flynn said Dennis made multiple phone calls to the boyfriend, who did not answer the phone calls.  Flynn said Dennis texted the boyfriend and made comments about ending her life. 

Later in the afternoon,  based off her phone records, Flynn said Dennis made comments to another male friend that she wanted to end her life.  They spent a few hours talking on the phone and playing video games, according to the timeline. 

Around 11pm, Dennis is seen on a surveillance camera on campus leaving the dorm.  Flynn said she stopped off at a garbage can and threw out personal items that led officials to believe that she was not returning to the dorm. 

From there, Dennis took a bus from the campus to the Black Rock substation, using a bus card and then to Niagara Falls. 

She texted her mother just after midnight that she was sorry she missed her call and that she would call her tomorrow. 

Dennis could be seen on surveillance cameras at 12:19am at Niagara Falls State Park near Goat Island. 

She then had a phone conversation with her friend in NYC for 45 minutes

She sent a picture of Niagara Falls to her friends on Snapchat around 1am, according to Flynn.

The last outgoing text from Dennis' phone was at 1:22am.  After that, there was no cellular activity from her phone. 

Flynn said he contacted the family on Wednesday and detailed Dennis' timeline to them. 

Flynn also talked about the investigation efforts in searching for Dennis over the past 10 days. Several agencies were involved including the New York State Parks Police, New York State Police, Customs and Border Patrol, Niagara County Sheriff's Office, Buffalo State University Police, Buffalo Police and NFTA.

Nearby businesses in Niagara Falls were canvassed for security cameras in case Dennis was spotted on them. 

K9s were deployed to try and get Dennis' scent, which led them to an area near Luna Island. 

New York State Park Police Major Clyde Doty said, "It's a sensitive case to work with, and to deal with.  We all do work the hardest we can to bring closure to this matter the best way we possibly can. The State Park Police will continue our efforts, as we always do in cases likes these."

Flynn says despite all of this evidence, the search for Dennis will continue.

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