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County Clerks ordered to take down trademarked signs

Erie County Clerk Michael Kearns and Niagara County Clerk Joseph Jastrzemski have been issued letters demanding they both cease and desist.

NIAGARA COUNTY, N.Y. — The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has ordered Erie County Clerk Michael Kearns and Niagara County Clerk Joseph Jastrzemski to cease and desist from using its trademarked phrase.

"If you see something, say something," was trademarked by MTA following the terror attacks on 9/11. The phrase is intended to be used regarding terroristic threats, and is occasionally allowed to be used by others for public safety reasons.

Kearns and Jastrzemski were not permitted to use the slogan for reporting undocumented immigrants to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), according to the MTA. Both were using the slogan in a campaign encouraging people to call ICE if they believe they see an undocumented immigrant applying for a driver's license in New York State.

The MTA issued both Kearns and Jastrzemski letters demanding they both cease and desist unauthorized use of the phrase. Both letters can be seen below.

Aaron Donovan, deputy communications director for the MTA, released the following statement:

“The County Clerk’s claim is ridiculous. The MTA will not stand for the use of our trademarked slogan for politically motivated attacks or allow him to distract from the real issue: his abhorrent and illegal use of ‘if you see something, say something.’”

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