BUFFALO, N.Y. - Attorneys made closing remarks Wednesday in the case against police officers Raymond Krug and Joseph Wendel - who are accused of excessive force in the 2009 arrest of four teenagers.

The four teens were charged with felony assault, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon before pleading guilty to a lesser charge of harassment.

2 On Your Side's Joshua Robinson was in court all day to hear both sides make their final case.

Prosecutors are claiming Raymond Krug shot a 17-year-old once in the leg with a B-B gun in the back of a police car as Joseph Wendel egged him on to shoot the teen again near his genitals.

Along with the teens emergency room and physician reports, the prosecution relied on a pair of testimonies.

One from Buffalo firefighter, Thomas Breski, who claimed Wendel admitted to the shootings, and the second from retired Police Lieutenant, Gregory Kwiatkowski, who was at the scene with them.

The defense pointed to Kwiatkowski's own history of violence and anger management issues while on the job, trying to paint reasonable doubt that he could have been involved in the shooting.

Kwiatkowski previously accepted a plea deal for his role in the case, but defense attorneys sought to poke holes in his argument, and the arguments of the four key victims pointing to a history of inconsistent statements under oath.