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Judge to decide fate of Great Northern Grain Elevator

After listening to both sides in a hearing on Monday, the judge said he'd issue a written decision shortly.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A fact-finding hearing to figure out the fate of the Great Northern Grain Elevator ended Monday afternoon with the judge saying he would issue a written decision shortly.

Wind damaged the grain elevator on December 11, and less than a week later, the City of Buffalo granted an emergency demolition permit to bring it down. ADM Milling owns the building and wants to demolish it. 

Preservations took the case to court asking a judge to stop the demolition from happening saying the grain elevator is the only one of its kind left in the United States. 

The judge sent both sides to mediation to come up with a solution last week, but that didn't work, so on Monday, for several hours in a courtroom, both sides presented their cases to the judge who will ultimately decide what happens with the huge building. 

Here's what the judge had to say at one point to the people trying to save the building.

"You guys have argued as submitted to the court that it's in no danger of falling down. I would argue that perhaps there are a number of people who might think the opposite," said New York State Supreme Court Justice Emilio Coliacovo.

"I think we brought clear proof that what we're seeing now and, you know, the judge alluded to is a thirty year record of negligence in maintaining the building by a Fortune 500 company," said Tim Tielman with the Campaign for Greater Buffalo.

We've also reported that developers are interested in saving the building.

So we don't know when the judge will issue his ruling, but for now, the building will remain standing. Nothing can happen until that ruling is issued.

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