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Groups fight for 50-a repeal to hold

WGRZ and other media outlets granted amicus status.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — The Police Benevolent Association and Buffalo Professional Firefighters Association are going to court to request an injunction to prevent police and fire disciplinary records from being made public.

In June, the state legislature repealed 50-a and Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the bill into law. 

50-a kept law enforcement disciplinary records private.

In court Wednesday, State Supreme Court Justice Frank Sedita decided whether to grant certain groups intervenor and amicus status. Oral arguments in the case are scheduled to be heard early next month.

People representing several community groups that want 50-a to stay repealed spoke in front of the courthouse before today's hearing.

"We should be able to know, as the public, what an officer is being charged with," said attorney Miles Gresham. "If you are arrested as a citizen in the State of New York, your arrest record is public. That's something that your job can find out, that's something that the public can find out. Your arrest record becomes public before you are convicted of anything. Your arrest record becomes public before the charges against you are substantiated. We are simply calling for the police to be held to the same standard as everybody else."

WGRZ, our parent company, and several other media organizations have signed onto an amicus brief to support the repeal of 50-a to increase transparency of police records.

On Wednesday, Judge Sedita granted that status.