NEW YORK, NY — Sporting a Bills fleece with a cane in hand, Jim Kelly was walking in New York City, one day after he was discharged from the hospital following his oral cancer surgery.

Jim's wife Jill shared a video of him walking on Instagram late Sunday.

Simple. A walk. A completed puzzle. THANKFUL for simple things that matter. A lot. And SO THANKFUL for my daughter, Erin... Watching her take care of Jim has taught me how to be more selfless, gracious, patient, kind, determined, and loving. Thank you Erin! You exemplify Christ in countless ways...and you don’t even know it. And maybe that’s what makes you even more amazing! #KellyTough

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WATCH: Jim Kelly walking in NYC one day after discharge

On Saturday, Jill said that Jim's recovery will continue in New York City for the next two weeks before the family returns to Buffalo.

Kelly underwent a 12-hour surgery on March 28 at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City to remove the oral cancer.

Dr. Mark Urken, Kelly's surgeon at Mount Sinai West, released the following statement on Jim's condition on Saturday:

“Mr. Kelly was discharged from the hospital today after an extremely favorable recovery. The speed of that process, considering the extensive nature of his surgery, was a function of his toughness, the firmness of his resolve, his faith and the support of his family. All of those factors will continue to serve him well as he moves on to the next phase of his rehabilitation."