BUFFALO, NY - Jim Kelly was out on the football field and moving well Monday after his follow-up surgery last week.

He joined kids a day after the kickoff of his annual football camp Sunday.

He says despite the surgery last week, which is part of re-building his jaw after his latest fight with oral cancer, and the soreness and swelling he's still dealing with, he never had any doubt that he was going to be back to play with the kids this week.

"The only part for me to do a lot of is talking. My upper jaw is completely covered in stitches. So that's all sewn all the way from right to left. It's just very sore. But I've been hit during games and I was a lot sorer. It's all good. I'm used to it," Kelly told 2 On Your Side.

He says he has more surgeries coming in August in September, which will include having permanent dentures inserted in his upper jaw.