BUFFALO, NY - A big name in golf is going to be in Buffalo Monday.

Jack Nicklaus, known for his golf game, as well as designing golf courses, is coming to the Queen City to help advance Kevin Gaughan's Buffalo parks improvement and education project.

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Back in 2016, Nicklaus offered to redesign both the Delaware Park course and the South Park course near the Botanical Gardens.

Monday during his visit, he and Gaughan will visit proposed sites for the course designs, and speak with local leaders and inner-city youth about the project.

That project includes not only the redesign of the two courses, but also the construction of an Education Center which would offer vocational training to inner-city youth.

"We're honored to have Jack in Buffalo," says Gaughan, "and after four years of effort by so many people who believe in our mission, we're thrilled that this day has arrived."